Lucy started her accessory brand in 2014, with a truck-load of traditional craft techniques, and a philosophy of low-impact production. This means that she likes to make things by hand using locally sourced materials. With a contemporary and playful approach to design and craft, the Lucy Welton brand has grown a reputation synonymous for really really nice leathery things. As a team of one, Lucy works within her Cambridge based studio, developing bespoke leather handbags, belts and small leather goods for all ages. 

M O S T of our products are produced from vegetable tanned leather. This is the most environmentally responsible leather, as each skin is processed using a combination of naturally occurring tannins such as tree bark, wood, leaves and fruit pods. This ancient process creates a distinctively beautiful material that's rich in tone and natural markings which cannot be emulated by chemically tanned or plastic-faux leather. Through the process of vegetable tanning, leather can mature beautifully over the passage of time. Thus giving each product a unique and personal quality. For more information regarding the care of our vegetable tanned products, please contact the studio directly.